HIT Trends: An Easy Way to Stay Current

health care trendsWe are all busy and it can be tough to stay current on industry developments.  Our heads are down, working hard, with nose to the grindstone.  It is certainly no exception for me.  Between the HL7 course I’m taking and the small business platforms we’re building, I haven’t logged in to my Google Reader account for about 3 months.  Staying up-to-date can sometimes seem like a job to itself.

Staying current used to be a pain until I discovered HIT Trends from Circle Square Inc.  HIT Trends is a monthly report summarizing all the major health information technology trends.  In about 30 slides, Michael Lake covers the key points of the most important HIT articles, each article getting a single slide.  Each slide is packed with information but is easy to understand because of the heavy use of bullet points and of diagrams.  Not to mention that each slide has a 1-2 sentence editorial where summaries and trends are pointed out explicitly.  The slides are grouped by domain so it is easy to get the information you really need without having to hunt for it.

Kudos to Mr. Lake for putting these reports together.  Check out his company’s website, www.circlesquareinc.com, for a complimentary subscription to HIT Trends.  You’ll wonder how you got along without it!

Ron is a BCS founder; he can be contacted at ron's email address image. BCS was formed in 2010 in order to meet the increasingly complicated IT needs of the health care community. We offer experience in IT ranging from enterprise application development (J2EE, .NET) to Professional Services Consulting, Support and Project Management. The founders at BCS have over 20 years experience in health care and financial services industries.

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