New Company Turning Health Care on ITs Head

Hello and welcome to the new Barrett-Cormier Software blog for health care providers and administrators.  Barrett-Cormier Software LLC was started by Matthew Barrett and myself in 2010 to become the premier provider of health care information technology consulting in the northeast United States.  Our strong technical backgrounds give our clients a strategic advantage when it comes to making IT investments.  Both Matt and I spent several years working as consultants for larger software companies and finally decided to take the plunge and start our own venture.  We really want to have a bigger impact in these exciting times!

Matt has over 10 years experience in IT, working as a health care systems analyst, network and domain administrator, and imaging/workflow consultant.  Matt holds degrees from esteemed schools like WPI and Northeastern University.  Matt would be too modest to say it but he is almost always one of the smartest people in the room 🙂  Matt will be writing about topics like Medical Home 2.0, EHR Implementations, and Health Information Exchanges.

stethoscope with laptopI too have over a decade experience working in information technology.  I’ve had stints working in application development, support, and implementation for the health care and financial industries.  I’ve also owned my own web design/software company since 2003.  My dedication and determination are two of my greatest assets.  I’ll be writing about Accountable Care Organizations, the Direct Project, and the business of health care IT.

In this blog we will provide some unique feedback from the front lines of health care IT.  We will also offer our insight on technology and policy to give you a strategic advantage when it comes time to make IT decisions for your organization.  We understand the impact that technology decisions can have on your business.  We will post every two weeks to keep the content fresh and exciting.

We truly value your opinion so leave comments!  Let us know what you like, where we are off base, and any articles you’d like to see.

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Ron is a BCS founder; he can be contacted at ron's email address image. BCS was formed in 2010 in order to meet the increasingly complicated IT needs of the health care community. We offer experience in IT ranging from enterprise application development (J2EE, .NET) to Professional Services Consulting, Support and Project Management. The founders at BCS have over 20 years experience in health care and Financial Services technologies.

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